What makes the most accurate air rifle?

When talking about what makes the most accurate air rifle, consistency is really the word. The shot should consistently hit the same place – it is much more satisfying to have a quarter sized grouping than to randomly hit the bullseye occasionally. As long as the grouping is consistent, the sights can always be adjusted accordingly. It’s a lot harder to replicate a lucky shot!

Diana RWS 34 Breakbarrel Rifle

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The Diana RWS 34 Breakbarrel Rifle T06 Trigger is one of the most popular and accurate air rifles on the market for those looking for maximum return for their investment, and for those looking to spend no more than $300 it must be considered a genuine market leader. Very few other companies manage to pack such impressive specifications without compromising performance or design aesthetics, and with a lifetime manufacturers warranty it’s a perfect investment for many years of quality shooting.

Weighing in at 7.5lbs and 45 inches in length, the rifle is well balanced and feels comfortable and steady thanks to a very well finished ambidextrous stock. With a two stage adaptable trigger encompassing automatic safety and sights adjustable for wind and elevation, it is a great option for beginners and enthusiasts looking for either small game or target practice.

However what really sets the Model 34 apart from the crowd is the breathtaking FPS (feet per second) that the rifle produces without compromising on accuracy thanks to the superbly engineered barrel. These combine to create an extremely accurate air rifle that is proven by the unerring consistency of groupings when tried at a variety of yardages. At 60 feet range the 34 delivers little more than a quarter inch variation to an experienced handler, and shorter distance will deliver pellet after pellet right on top of each other.

Up to 1000 FPSWeight: 7.5 Pounds
Length: 45 Inches
Spring Piston.177Single ShotN/A

In regards to pellets the 34 delivers with most brands thanks to it’s high quality barreling, but those looking for ultimate accuracy would find it worthwhile aiming for the RWS Diabolo Basic .177 Cal, 7.0 Grains, Wadcutter. These have been tried and tested by thousands of satisfied customers who have found that for the price these deliver consistent accuracy thanks to their consistency in shape and weight. Pairing these pellets with this rifle is a perfect blend of quality craftsmanship, and will deliver time after time, and year after year.

How does barrel type affect pellet gun accuracy?

Many shooters are convinced that the largest influencing factor in the rifle accuracy is in the barrel. It stands to reason that as the barrel is the guide for the shot whilst the pellet is in the control of the shooter, this should be a prime factor. The journey through the barrel is where the pellet gets its flight instructions from the rifling. The design of the rifled barrel is fundamental to the accuracy – the twist rate and bore friction change the pellets rotation speed and trajectory. The pellet is stabilized by the rotation and, as a result, travels straighter and further.

Uniformity of the bore and also the actual straightness of the bore is a huge factor in the barrel accuracy. There is still no perfect way of providing a dead straight bore so the manufacturer chosen will also have a big influence on the rifle.

How does pellet caliber affect accuracy?

Most shooters go for either the .177 or .22 caliber pellets although there are a few others to choose from. There are advantages and drawbacks to each one but there is no clear winner when it comes to accuracy. The .177 is clearly lighter so follows a straighter trajectory and reaches a higher speed. The .22 with its additional mass will follow a decidedly more curving trajectory. As far as accuracy goes though, caliber does not seem to be a deciding factor.

How does the type of pellet affect accuracy?

Most shooters tend to favor the round nosed pellets that have been designed to be a great all rounder; low price, good accuracy and range, and hitting power. As alternatives there are hollow point pellets that are designed to expand and deform upon impact. This makes them great for hunting nut only at close range as their light weight makes them easy to be blown around in flight. The pointed pellet has been engineered purely for hunting with the aim of straighter flight, a longer distance and a more penetrative effect. Some shooters claim higher accuracy but this seems more down to practice than design. Finally there are solid pellets, in fact these are bullets. The heavier weight can definitely add to accuracy due to the stabilizing effect of the extra mass; however this effect will only be noticed if your rifle is already very powerful, otherwise this is just overkill.

No matter what type of pellet you choose or what caliber pellet, or even what type of barrel or air rifle you have, the best way to destroy the accuracy of your shots is to use substandard pellets from a dodgy manufacturer just to save a few pennies. These poor quality “bargain” pellets can easily damage your rifle and, at best, will simply give you the lowest accuracy you can get. Pellets are so cheap anyway, relative to conventional firearms so it’s well worth spending the extra dollars for an established and trusted brand.

Does FPS affect accuracy?

While the FPS rate is the most oft quoted statistic about an airgun, there is no accuracy benefit for a higher rate. In fact, as the FPS begins to reach the speed of sound, around 1100FPS, the pellet will begin to deform and there is a definite loss of accuracy.

Above you’ll find many of the factors that will allow you to have the most accurate air rifle possible. As shown above, it’s not just the air rifle that affects the overall accuracy of your shooting, but many factors from the barrel, to caliber to the specific type of pellet you use. You should keep this in mind when you’re purchasing your pellet gun and accessories because it might be worth the extra $10 or $15 to purchase a premium grade pellet instead of the cheap ones.

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